Public Holidays And Islamic Calendar

Holidays in United Arab Emirates 2015 - 2016

Date Day Occasion
2-Dec-15 Wednesday UAE National Day
1-Jan-16 Friday New Year's Day
5-May-16 Thursday Al Isra'a Wal Miíraj - Ascension day
6-Jun-16 Wednesday Ramadan expected to begin
7-Jul-16 Thursday Eid Al Fitr*
10-Sep-16 Saturday Arafat (Haj) Day*
11-Sep-16 Sunday Eid Al Adha*
2-Oct-16 Sunday Al Hijri - Islamic New Year*
30-Nov-16 Wednesday Martyr's Day
2-Dec-16 Friday UAE National Day
12-Dec-16 Monday Milad Un Nabi - Prophet Mohammad's Birthday*

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